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justice-imgSince 1985, Irvine attorney Michael A. Naso has been highly respected by great lawyers for his dedication to excellence in the legal field. Even before he attended law school, Michael A. Naso’s abilities in the legal area were given high regard by some of the best attorneys in the country. While working as the defense team law clerk on one of the most highly publicized cases in the country (U.S. v. Paul Castellano) Michael A. Naso was given letters of recommendation from the lead prosecutors in the case.

Even though they were on opposite sides of the case, the prosecutors noted Michael A. Naso’s dedication to excellence in his work on the case.

While attending Southwestern University School of Law on a Full Tuition Scholarship, Michael A. Naso worked for several law firms dedicated to civil litigation assisting the attorneys in their preparations for trial. By the time he became a lawyer, Michael A. Naso had more experience in civil litigation than many lawyers practicing for several years.

The partners of Daniels, Baratta and Fine showed great faith in Michael A. Naso when they allowed him to try his first case for a very wealthy business man and his wife against claims that the wife beat up the maid. The maid sought punitive damages which are not covered by insurance. At the time, the firm had a strict policy that only partners could try cases where punitive damages were sought.

In the first day of trial, a priest testified that the wife admitted to beating up the maid saying: “She must have been possessed by Satan.” The Judge then ordered Michael A. Naso to advise the senior partner of the firm that in his opinion, the defendants could not prevail because jurors do not disregard the testimony of priests. After the maid failed to take a large settlement offer made against Michael A. Naso’s advice, Michael A. Naso obtained a favorable verdict for his clients by convincing the jurors the priest was not truthful.

Since his first trial, Michael A. Naso, the business lawyer Irvine and nearby areas can count on for outstanding representation, has obtained excellent results for his clients in the great majority of his trials in the areas of business litigation, real estate litigation, and personal injury litigation.

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Although Irvine business attorney Michael A. Naso has had great success in trying cases, he prides himself on his ability to settle cases quickly and economically for the great majority of his clients. For example, Michael A. Naso represented a security company that was sued for wrongful death related to a shooting at a sporting event. In the incident, a gang banger shot and killed one spectator and shot and seriously wounded another. The seriously wounded woman was represented by one of the best plaintiffs’ law firms in the country, Girardi & Kease. Michael A. Naso was able to settle the claims of the dead man’s 3 children and the seriously wounded woman for a total of $10,000.00; $2,500 to each. Michael A. Naso was able to do this by investigating the incident and providing valuable information to the plaintiffs’ lawyers that was used to go after another defendant. Michael A. Naso then filed a Motion for Summary Judgment against the company which owned the location where the incident occurred and obtained a judgment in his client’s favor.

*Disclaimer *These representatives trials should not be constructed as a guaranty, warranty prediction of the outcome or result of perticular matter.

In his first legal malpractice case, Michael A. Naso went up against one of the nation’s leading legal malpractice experts, attorney Ronald E. Mallen. Mr. Mallen’s firm filed a Demurrer claiming that the plaintiff’s action filed by Michael A. Naso was barred by the Statute of Limitations because the alleged malpractice had occurred over 12 years earlier. Mr. Mallen actually wrote the Statute of Limitations for legal malpractice which the California legislature adopted in its entirety. After 2 hearings on the Demurrer, the court ruled in Michael A. Naso’s favor. Mr. Mallen’s firm later filed a Motion for Summary Judgment claiming the action was barred by the Statute of Limitations. Michael A. Naso prevailed on the motion and thereafter settled the case for a large confidential sum for his client. *Disclaimer *These representative settlements should not be construed as a guaranty, warranty or prediction of the outcome or result of your particular matter.

Business Litigation

The Law Office of Michael A. Naso represents both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation between businesses, within businesses over corporate governance, and relative to partnership disputes.

Real Estate

An experienced Real Estate attorney is an investment, not an expense. Real Estate law is much more intricate than you probably realize. Our experience can become an investment for you.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to the wrongful conduct of another, you need legal representation as quickly as possible, especially if your injuries are severe. Michael A. Naso is a highly knowledgeable Irvine personal injury lawyer.

Business Sales

If you are buying or selling a business, you need legal representation prior to completing the transaction to properly document the transaction and to prevent a lawsuit in the future.

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Under the leadership of Michael A. Naso, the business lawyer Irvine clients can rely on for dedicated service, our firm has established a proven track record of success in and out of the court room. The great majority of our clients are so happy with our services that they pay us the ultimate compliment: They refer us further business. Please take a few moments to see what our clients have to say about The Law Office of Michael A. Naso.

*Disclaimer* These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding your particular matter.

I am a busy health care professional who found myself in the middle of a complicated and potentally frustrating legal action. I needed legal advice and help from someone knowledgeable, trustworthy, and accesible. Mike Naso met those requirements...

David L. Gibbs

Dear Mike, I would like to express my gratitude for all that you were able to accomplish in regards to my difficult and demanding case. Even though my case was turned down by multiple other attorneys, you still prevailed in procuring me the damages sought...

John Stanaland
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Meet Michael A. Naso

mike-nasoBorn on November 25, 1962, in Parma, Ohio, Orange County business lawyer Michael A. Naso attended the State University of New York at Cortland on a partial New York State Regents Scholarship and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for outstanding grades. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Naso worked as a law clerk for the defense team on one of the most publicized cases in the country, U.S. v. Paul Castellano, et al. Mr. Naso attended Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles after being awarded the Paul W. Wildman Full Tuition Scholarship. While at Southwestern, Mr. Naso was elected the Justice (President) of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, the largest student organization at Southwestern and received an American Jurisprudence Award in Constitutional Law.

After being admitted to the bar, Mr. Naso practiced in the area of Insurance Defense at the firm of Daniels, Baratta, and Fine located in Century City. Mr. Naso’s duties included defending hotels, restaurants, bars, small businesses and homeowners as well as individual persons involved in automobile accidents. Mr. Naso also defended the Southern California Rapid Transit District in numerous actions filed against it.

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Below is a bill I drafted that I would like to see turned into the law of the State of California to protect innocent consumers from the hazards of inflatable slides and bounce houses. Most of the consumers injured by said products are children. I became aware of the hazards of these structures during my representation of a man severely injured when he and 2 three year old children were thrown off the top of an inflatable bouncy slide at a school fundraiser. (See the comment section below for event details) I have known this client for over 25 years and personally witnessed the destruction this event caused to the client and his family. Currently, there are no regulations related to inflatable structures in the State of California and the great majority of all other States. This law is absolutely necessary to mitigate the number and severity of injuries caused by inflatable structures. If you agree this bill would be a good law for our State then contact your state assembly member and ask him to pass this into law. A list of California’s assembly members can be found here: