Pregnant Woman Went Into A Coma After Misdiagnosis

A pregnant woman slipped into a coma last February 14, 2015, after medical practitioners of Anaheim Regional Medical Center failed to detect she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. Lisa Avila, a mother of seven, was misdiagnosed for ectopic pregnancy, a condition where the embryo implanted someplace other than the uterus. The family of Lisa Avila blames Anaheim Regional Medical Center for what happened.


Cynthia Holguin, Lisa Avila’s eldest daughter, explains how hard it has been to see their mom in a coma. She tried to stay strong for her brothers and sisters especially the little ones, said Cynthia.


Two doctors of Anaheim Regional Medical Center planned to remove Avila’s ventilator after she was announced brain-dead. Her family believes she can still recover in spite of the doctors’ proclamation, so they fought to keep her ventilator.


Avila’s family plans on bringing in their neurologist. A meeting was set up with the hospital officials, and they were given some time until Tuesday. The family members are also looking for a long-term care facility outside the state that will accept her.


Not until Thursday, March 26, 2015, when the family agreed to take off her life support due to no brain activity. After meeting with ARMC officials, Avila’s family was able to find and bring in their doctor. Their neurologist conducted a test and declared the same result with the doctors of the hospital. The report said the family planned to take off her life support on Friday around 5 p.m.


Anaheim Regional Medical Center refused to give comment on the specifics of the case because of patient privacy laws. The hospital released a statement, however, extending their deepest and heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Lisa Avila.


Coma and brain injury can be a very expensive injury. If you or part of your family has been in a coma, it is to be expected to last for a brief period of days or weeks. In rare occasions, some coma patients spend years in a coma.


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Teacher Lost Job After Resort Slip

Placentia – A 47-year-old woman who slipped and fell in a casino last May 2013 has been awarded $ 2.8 million in damages. Suzanne Naruko was forced to leave her school teacher’s position after she incurred injuries when she slipped on spilled water at the Pechanga Resort & Casino.


According to court records, Naruko’s right foot twisted with her left leg after stepping on a wet floor while entering the casino. The incident caused her lose consciousness.


Attorney Eric V. Traut claimed his client suffered a concussion causing her to lose her job.  Naruko also experienced symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue and temporary loss of consciousness days after the accident. Traut also added that what happened to her client made her suffer from nauseous feeling or vertigo when she reads or scans things every time. Attorney Eric V. Traut represents Suzanne Naruko.


The agreements were handled through arbitration rather than the regular court system because the accident happened on an Indian land. J. Richard Haden, Retired San Diego Superior Court Judge, ruled in favor of Suzanne Naruko after a five-day arbitration hearing. Judge Haden said in his ruling that Suzanne Naruko notified the casino emergency-medical technician instantly after her fall.


Pamela Williams also testified on Naruko’s behalf describing Naruko as a “gold standard” teacher. Williams is the principal of Lincoln Elementary in Paramount, the school where Naruko taught for more than twenty years.


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Kid Struck By A Runner On Her Way to School’s Free Breakfast

ANAHEIM – In 2014, Paulina Perez, an 11-year-old girl was crossing the street of Lincoln Avenue to Juliette Low Elementary School at 7:08 a.m. when she was struck by a red-light runner. The girl was severely injured and suffered broken bones and traumatic head injuries which required continuous care. It was also reported that the left side of the girl’s body is paralyzed and her right side has limited mobility. Paulina Perez can’t speak and is confined mostly to a wheelchair or her bed.

It was reported that the girl was on her way to school for a daily free breakfast that began at 7 a.m.  Paulina Perez was in a crosswalk when the accident occurred, and that was just seven minutes earlier for the crossing guard to take his position there.

For years, the school offers free breakfast at 7:30 a.m. but in January 2014 the free breakfast time was changed to 7 a.m. with a crossing guard scheduled to be in the place at 7:15.

Mark Robinson said that whoever is in charge is “playing with fire.” Before the accident happened, they didn’t have a crossing guard on that busy intersection for nine months! Most of the students would be coming for free breakfast between 6:45 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. Mark Robinson is the girl’s family lawyer.

A lawsuit was filed in 2015 and among those sued were the school district, the city and its Police Department, the driver and the crossing guard company. The red-light runner driver was Thalia Sanchez-Siles, who, according to the lawyer was driving without a license, didn’t have insurance and doesn’t have any money to pay the family.

It was clear that there was a confusion with All City Management Services, the police department and the Magnolia School District in giving instructions and directions about the crossing guards shift time relative to the school’s bell time and not the breakfast time.

A settlement agreement is being finalized with Anaheim and the city-hired All City Management Services and the Magnolia School District. Both parties are waiting for a judge to sign off the settlement and finalize a life-care program for Paulina Perez.

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hit-and-run twice

Pedestrian Victimized by Hit-and-Run Twice

A 50-year-old pedestrian was crossing Euclid Street and Hazard Avenue in Santa Ana the evening of December 23, 2016 when a silver car hit him to the ground and fled away, according to Santa Ana police. It was dark and raining, so while on the ground, the man was, unfortunately, ran over by another vehicle. The man was then rushed to a local hospital and said to be in critical condition.

The driver of the silver car kept going after the hit probably because of panic or any other reasons we don’t know, but the driver of the Honda car stayed on the scene and is cooperating with Santa Ana police.

Sgt. Matt Brown of the Santa Ana Police Department said that the driver of the Honda car must not have seen the man on the ground and the biggest factor contributing to the second hit are the rain and the dark night.

Sgt. Matt Brown also said that it is unknown whether the poor man will live after he was hit by two cars. A police officer was sent to the hospital waiting to hear from a doctor about the man’s condition.

Police closed Euclid between Fifth Street and Hazard Avenue following the accident. Until police officers learn of the man’s condition, the street will remain closed.

If the man lives, the officers can investigate the accident like a regular traffic crash with injuries and traffic will be cleared more quickly. If the man dies, just like the usual requirement for homicides, a more thorough investigation will be called out by the traffic investigation team.

Types of hit and run offenses in California:

  1. Misdemeanor
  2. Felony

You may be charged with California felony hit and run under Vehicle Code 20001 VC if you were involved and fled the scene of an accident, and failed to identify yourself to the other party involved.

The only difference with California misdemeanor hit and run and felony is that California misdemeanor hit and run lies in property damage while California felony hit and run is concerned with injury (someone was injured or killed other than yourself).

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Mishandled Neuro Procedure Caused Plaintiff’s Brain Damage

Claude Herring, a UCI Medical Center patient, filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court last Thursday against Dr. Mike Dogali, the former chief administrator of neurology department of the said hospital for allegedly mishandling a neurosurgical procedure.

The 67-years-old Claude Herring suffered from permanent brain damage and other complications after undergoing a surgical procedure performed and headed by Dr. Mike Dogali last January.

According to the suit filed Thursday, Claude Herring and his wife accused Dogali of failure to disclose his visual impairment before the operation. Herring indicated that he would not have agreed to undergo any operation had he known about Dr. Mike Dogali’s failing eyesight. The extremely unfortunate neurosurgical operation could have been prevented by the Center following a strict qualification which is a perfect eyesight for their operating surgeons.

Claude Herring has Parkinson’s disease who had undergone a sensitive surgical procedure using a computerized equipment following a recommendation from Dr. Mike Dogali. This surgical procedure is called pallidotomy, which is beneficial to a person with Parkinson’s disease to improve balance and speech and reduce tremor, slow movement, muscle rigidity and other motor symptoms.

Perfect eye vision is a top qualification for operating surgeons. This type of brain surgery helps the surgeon to identify with absolute precision the area of the brain that needs treatment.

In 1991, Dr. Mike Dogali was diagnosed with glaucoma. He said his glaucoma was not severe until it worsened last February, a month right after Claude Herring’s operation. Dogali defended that the high-tech surgical procedure relies more on computer calculations than that of the human eye. He also mentioned that pallidotomy could be done with either one eye or half an eye because it is the computer that direct the surgery.

Larry Eisenberg, Claude Herring’s lawyer, said that his client could no longer go to work after the surgery. The suit also states that Herring suffered a brain hemorrhage preventing him from working as a construction superintendent. Claude Herring is seeking compensation for the injuries and damages sustained against Dr. Mike Dogali and the UCI Medical Center.

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dental clinic negligence

Dental Clinic’s Negligence Led to Kids’ Infection

The Children’s Dental Group clinic in Anaheim, Orange County faces fraud and medical malpractice lawsuit when at least seven children developed serious infections after undergoing dental procedures.

The Orange County Health Care Agency believe that the children may have been exposed to infectious bacteria in the clinic. The agency and the California Dental Board investigated the complaint to identify how these children got infected. The investigators inspected the facility, the dental equipment and the water source of the said clinic to determine what went wrong. They took a sample and tested the water and found it positive for mycobacteria – a type of germ. The Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim was ordered to stop using the water for any dental procedures.

A total of 57 children in the past two months has been given medical care for serious infections and abscesses found in their mouths and necks. The children were reported to be sick after undergoing a procedure similar to a baby root canal. The list of potential victims grew as many as five hundred children, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

The seven children who were patients of the Children’s Dental Group had been sent to Children’s Hospital of Orange County for treatment. The report says that some of the kids’ abscesses required surgery.

One of the children’s parent was so angry that she wants the place to be shut down and doctor’s license to be revoked.

Outraged parents allegedly reported that the Children’s Dental Group underwent unnecessary dental works to the kids and performed invasive procedures without consent from them.

CBS2 News interviewed the clinic’s CEO who said that he wants to help and they are doing everything to identify the cause of this mysterious outbreak.

Based on the given facts stated above, the doctrine of “Res Ipsa Loquitor or the thing speaks for itself” is applicable in this case.

The doctors of CDG has exclusive custody and control of,  not only the facilities but also the equipment and dental gadgets used in performing the dental procedures. Their blatant disregard in securing the cleanliness of the water and other amenities of the clinic constitute negligence.

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Medical Negligence Led to MS Patient’s Stroke

The civil trial against a Newport Beach doctor accused of medical malpractice began December 1, 2016. He was charged with performing an experimental treatment on a Canadian woman suffering from multiple sclerosis. The experimental procedure involved an open-vein treatment, but the patient suffered a stroke in the process.

The patient came to Orange County in the summer of 2011 for a balloon angioplasty procedure because she has been suffering symptoms which include difficulties in balance, speech, strength, and swallowing. As the doctor was desperate to improve her condition, he performed the experimental procedure which led to the patient experiencing a stroke afterward. Also, the patient was taken to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital during rush hour traffic instead to Hoag Hospital which was just a mile away from the doctor’s clinic.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the patient can’t dress on her own, can’t use her walker and has to be catheterized and fed due to the experiment. He further stressed that the plaintiff came to Orange County, not for the trial treatment but to have her angioplasty.

The defendant doctor was said to have performed the same procedure on another Canadian woman back in 2011 who died five days after his experimental treatment. The doctor is said to have collaborated with some of his colleagues to market their practice to Canadian MS patients and charge them $8, 000 plus imaging fees.

The defendant’s attorney reasoned that the condition the plaintiff is suffering has nothing to do with the negligence of the doctor but are results of the deteriorating MS the plaintiff suffers. He said that the plaintiff signed a consent form before the procedure wherein it was stated that the patient might suffer risks of stroke or even death and the outcomes are not guaranteed. Furthermore, he claimed that the plaintiff’s medical notes from her Canadian doctors already cited that the patient already suffered worsening conditions and even then, the plaintiff expressed strong interest in alternative medicine. Besides, the perforation in the angioplasty performed on the plaintiff caused the bleeding in her brain, and it’s something that can’t be stopped by any doctors according to the defendant.

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Car Accident Injured Four Kids, Two Critical

Authorities reported a traffic accident happened last Monday afternoon about 2:30 p.m. that injured four children when the driver of a car collided with another vehicle in the Valencia Avenue and Golden Avenue, Orange County, California.

Placentia police Lt. Eric Point said that the driver of the Toyota Sienna was driving southbound of Valencia Avenue while the driver of a Toyota Prius was on her way to northbound also on Valencia Avenue when the Toyota Sienna made a left turn in front of Toyota Prius. Investigators believe it was the Toyota Sienna who bumped into the Toyota Prius, which then made the Prius drove up into a curb after the collision.

Four children ages 7, 11 and two 12-year-old boys were victims of this accident, authorities said. The four children were reportedly standing on the sidewalk of the northeast corner of Golden Avenue and Valencia Avenue when the Toyota Prius struck three of those poor children and trapped the fourth under it.

Two of the four children were in critical condition while the third one suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

One of the victims, the 12-year-old boy who was trapped under the Sienna, had to be lifted by the firefighters using an airbag. The boy was sent to the trauma center at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center in Orange County.

Lt. Eric Point also said that the second 12-year-old boy was taken to the Western Medical Center in Santa Ana where the 19-year-old lady driver of the Toyota Prius was also transported. Meanwhile, the 7-year-old was brought to Placentia-Linda Hospital in Placentia.

The fourth child victim who is an 11-year-old boy was allowed to go with his parents, Point said.

As per authorities, it was not clear yet how severe the injury of the driver is. The investigation is still ongoing.

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Building Fire Injured Three

A fire struck inside a 50,000-square-foot building Tuesday morning in Tustin, California which quickly consumed much of the two-story infrastructure.

Based on the initial reports received by the Orange County Fire Authority, the fire originated on the couch inside one of the offices believe to be the Mental Health Services office in a first floor. It quickly spread throughout the building. When several office employees noticed the fire and smoke at about 7:39 a.m, they called 911.

“The Orange County Fire Authority, the Orange Fire Department, and Santa Ana’s Fire Department joined efforts and responded to the fire scene,” said Capt. Greg McKeown of the Orange County Fire Authority. It took more than two hours for nearly 120 firefighters to fight the fiercely burning fire.

“The Orange County Fire Authority, the Orange Fire Department, and Santa Ana’s Fire Department joined efforts and responded to the fire scene,” said Capt. Greg McKeown of the Orange County Fire Authority. It took more than two hours for nearly 120 firefighters to fight the fiercely burning fire. With the help of additional firemen and trucks, the fire was placed under control before 10:30 a.m. The 40-year-old building is said to be home for real estate offices, legal firms and mental health services.

Officials reported that there were three people injured in the fire: a 62-year-old man inside the office building where the fire started and two firefighters who responded to the incident. The 62-year-old man who endured minor burns to the face was nursed on the scene. However, one of the firemen fell during the action and incurred injuries to his face and legs while the second firemen suffered from possible heat and smoke exposure. Both firemen were treated at a nearby hospital.

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Severe Personal Injury Case

California Highway Patrol officials reported that a woman driving a pickup truck last Sunday morning August 7, 2011, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. CHP officials said that the female driver of the said pickup truck hit a car on the southbound I-5 freeway near Disneyland Drive in Anaheim, Orange County, California at about 12:45 a.m. The female driver, 28, and a male passenger, also 28, of the 2002 GMC pickup was brought to UCI Medical Center in Orange County after the pickup truck they were in went onto a bank of dirt and overturned several times on the freeway. The CHP officials also disclosed that the driver is being treated for major body injuries while the passenger died at 4:15 a.m. due to serious physical and head injuries. The incident report said that the female driver of the 2002 GMC pickup truck was then arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence and was detained in custody at the same hospital.

The driver and passenger of the 1995 Mercury Villager that was hit incurred moderate and minor injuries and were taken to Western Medical Center.

The California Highway Patrol added that the GMC pickup driver was driving at a high rate of speed on the third lane of the freeway when she changed lanes to the fourth lane for unknown reasons and hit the left rear corner of the car. The pickup truck then continued west where it skidded off the main lanes of the southbound I-5 freeway and traveled uncontrollably onto a high dirt embankment, the report said.The CHP did not disclosed the name of the driver or the passenger of the 1995 Mercury Villager.

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