Mishandled Neuro Procedure Caused Plaintiff’s Brain Damage


Claude Herring, a UCI Medical Center patient, filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court last Thursday against Dr. Mike Dogali, the former chief administrator of neurology department of the said hospital for allegedly mishandling a neurosurgical procedure.

The 67-years-old Claude Herring suffered from permanent brain damage and other complications after undergoing a surgical procedure performed and headed by Dr. Mike Dogali last January.

According to the suit filed Thursday, Claude Herring and his wife accused Dogali of failure to disclose his visual impairment before the operation. Herring indicated that he would not have agreed to undergo any operation had he known about Dr. Mike Dogali’s failing eyesight. The extremely unfortunate neurosurgical operation could have been prevented by the Center following a strict qualification which is a perfect eyesight for their operating surgeons.

Claude Herring has Parkinson’s disease who had undergone a sensitive surgical procedure using a computerized equipment following a recommendation from Dr. Mike Dogali. This surgical procedure is called pallidotomy, which is beneficial to a person with Parkinson’s disease to improve balance and speech and reduce tremor, slow movement, muscle rigidity and other motor symptoms.

Perfect eye vision is a top qualification for operating surgeons. This type of brain surgery helps the surgeon to identify with absolute precision the area of the brain that needs treatment.

In 1991, Dr. Mike Dogali was diagnosed with glaucoma. He said his glaucoma was not severe until it worsened last February, a month right after Claude Herring’s operation. Dogali defended that the high-tech surgical procedure relies more on computer calculations than that of the human eye. He also mentioned that pallidotomy could be done with either one eye or half an eye because it is the computer that direct the surgery.

Larry Eisenberg, Claude Herring’s lawyer, said that his client could no longer go to work after the surgery. The suit also states that Herring suffered a brain hemorrhage preventing him from working as a construction superintendent. Claude Herring is seeking compensation for the injuries and damages sustained against Dr. Mike Dogali and the UCI Medical Center.

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