Pedestrian Victimized by Hit-and-Run Twice

hit-and-run twice

A 50-year-old pedestrian was crossing Euclid Street and Hazard Avenue in Santa Ana the evening of December 23, 2016 when a silver car hit him to the ground and fled away, according to Santa Ana police. It was dark and raining, so while on the ground, the man was, unfortunately, ran over by another vehicle. The man was then rushed to a local hospital and said to be in critical condition.

The driver of the silver car kept going after the hit probably because of panic or any other reasons we don’t know, but the driver of the Honda car stayed on the scene and is cooperating with Santa Ana police.

Sgt. Matt Brown of the Santa Ana Police Department said that the driver of the Honda car must not have seen the man on the ground and the biggest factor contributing to the second hit are the rain and the dark night.

Sgt. Matt Brown also said that it is unknown whether the poor man will live after he was hit by two cars. A police officer was sent to the hospital waiting to hear from a doctor about the man’s condition.

Police closed Euclid between Fifth Street and Hazard Avenue following the accident. Until police officers learn of the man’s condition, the street will remain closed.

If the man lives, the officers can investigate the accident like a regular traffic crash with injuries and traffic will be cleared more quickly. If the man dies, just like the usual requirement for homicides, a more thorough investigation will be called out by the traffic investigation team.

Types of hit and run offenses in California:

  1. Misdemeanor
  2. Felony

You may be charged with California felony hit and run under Vehicle Code 20001 VC if you were involved and fled the scene of an accident, and failed to identify yourself to the other party involved.

The only difference with California misdemeanor hit and run and felony is that California misdemeanor hit and run lies in property damage while California felony hit and run is concerned with injury (someone was injured or killed other than yourself).

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