Pregnant Woman Went Into A Coma After Misdiagnosis


A pregnant woman slipped into a coma last February 14, 2015, after medical practitioners of Anaheim Regional Medical Center failed to detect she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. Lisa Avila, a mother of seven, was misdiagnosed for ectopic pregnancy, a condition where the embryo implanted someplace other than the uterus. The family of Lisa Avila blames Anaheim Regional Medical Center for what happened.


Cynthia Holguin, Lisa Avila’s eldest daughter, explains how hard it has been to see their mom in a coma. She tried to stay strong for her brothers and sisters especially the little ones, said Cynthia.


Two doctors of Anaheim Regional Medical Center planned to remove Avila’s ventilator after she was announced brain-dead. Her family believes she can still recover in spite of the doctors’ proclamation, so they fought to keep her ventilator.


Avila’s family plans on bringing in their neurologist. A meeting was set up with the hospital officials, and they were given some time until Tuesday. The family members are also looking for a long-term care facility outside the state that will accept her.


Not until Thursday, March 26, 2015, when the family agreed to take off her life support due to no brain activity. After meeting with ARMC officials, Avila’s family was able to find and bring in their doctor. Their neurologist conducted a test and declared the same result with the doctors of the hospital. The report said the family planned to take off her life support on Friday around 5 p.m.


Anaheim Regional Medical Center refused to give comment on the specifics of the case because of patient privacy laws. The hospital released a statement, however, extending their deepest and heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Lisa Avila.


Coma and brain injury can be a very expensive injury. If you or part of your family has been in a coma, it is to be expected to last for a brief period of days or weeks. In rare occasions, some coma patients spend years in a coma.


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