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Testimonial from Gary M. Heidner, DDS

Dear Michael A Naso, Esq.

I am writing to recommend the services of Michael A. Naso, Attorney at Law. I was referred to Michael A. Naso by another liti gating attorney that had opposed Mr. Naso in previous cases involving the sale of professional practices. I had sold my dental practice to another dentist using a well known dental practice brokering firm. After 3 years had passed, I received a letter from the purchasing dentist’s law firm demanding that I reverse the sale, return the purchase price to the buyer, and again become the owner of my previously owned dental practice, or face a law suit demanding millions in compensation for allegedly committing fraud in the sale of the practice to their client.

Upon contacting Michael Naso, and explaining the situation and the facts in the sale of the practice, Michael Naso laid out his suggested way of handling the case.  He explained that to litigate a law suit is very expensive, over $100,000.00, and that he could save me a lot of time and money by building a very strong case in my defense that would be so persuasive, that the buyer ‘s attorneys would advise their client to settle the case without going to trial.

Michael Naso delivered in spades! Even though the buyer’s attorneys did file the law suit for

$1,000,000.00, Michael Naso built such a strong case in my defense prior to the t rial date, that the attorneys advised their client to settle for no compensation at all.  I understand that to achiev·e the result of no compensation is a very rare outcome, especially when the suit is for such a large sum. Michael Naso delivered on his promise to save me the large cost of going to trial (by a factor of about 5). as well as the extra time and stress involved in going to trial.

I very highly recommend Michael A. Naso, Attorney at Law for handling any pending litigation!  Not only was he a great help, had a great attitude, he also delivered what he promised.   I feel that it is rare to be able to say that I met an attorney that not only left me with a warm feeling that he is a nice person, but a very honest one, as well as a person that has truly looked out for my best interest!


Gary M. Heidner, DDS

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