An experienced Real Estate attorney is an investment… not an expense…

What you don’t know may cost you… Real Estate law is much more intricate than you probably realize. Our experience can become an investment for you. The stakes are inevitably high, and the outcomes can determine your financial well being for decades to come.

Dispute Resolution:

The Law Office of Michael A. Naso has extensive experience in dispute resolution at every level including Mediation, Arbitration, Bench Trials and Jury Trials. Although we work closely with our Real Estate clients in seeking to avoid litigation, when necessary, we litigate for clients in all aspects of the industry and in all phases of the Real Estate business cycle. We have handled countless Real Estate related disputes. Whatever your Real Estate related issue may be, we will help you find a practical, economical solution for it. Typical Real Estate related disputes we handle include:

  • Breach of Contract and Misrepresentation claims between Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate
  • Failure to disclose claims between Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate
  • Any disputes between partners or co-owners of Real Estate including accounting claims
  • Malpractice Claims against Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  • Breach of Lease Agreement and Misrepresentation claims between Commercial Landlords and Tenants
  • Breach of Contract and Misrepresentation claims related to construction projects
  • Construction defect litigation

Real Estate Transactions:

Most Real Estate related disputes can be avoided by having an experienced advisor by your side helping you with your Real Estate transaction before it is finalized. Michael A. Naso is a Real Estate Broker as well as an Attorney. Our office is dedicated to providing sound advice and representation to our Real Estate investor clients. 

Commercial and Residential:

We represent investors in commercial properties and investors in residential properties. We understand the intricacies of commercial and residential property sales, purchases and financing and the leasing of commercial space and residential property.